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At Real Forecast, we take pride in everything we sell and recommend!

  I, Daniel Vasile, RealForecast founder, chose and applied this smart & easy forecasting solution, on my own set of data, after testing more than 6 months different other software (SAP/APO, SAS Forecasting, H2O, Amazon)!
     Results were at least 8% better than the other best software, and I spent less than 20% of my budget! 
     Implementation has been done in less than 3 months, exactly during 2020, when world pandemic has started! Even so, I reduced with more than 5
0% forecast error, with huge impact on the stock health and turnover! Since then, I helped to implement this solution in the organization where I work, in all regions, all countries we forecasted the demand!
     I strongly recommend FORECAST PRO, every variant that fits your business needs, with guaranteed results in less than 6 months, and return of investment even faster! 
     This is not an isolated case of success, thousands of organizations from all-around the globe are using it.
     I started this company for sharing the knowledge and experience, to help other businesses to succeed, too!
     Please browse our site to get a better idea about potential of this user-friendly software, for your business.

Web-Based Training

8 hours of live sessions with our forecasting experts that covers standard topics or a customized curriculum to suit your specific challenges and needs. Most clients split the recommended 8 hours into four equal 2-hour blocks. Additional training can be purchased in 4-hour blocks as needed.

On-Site Training

Bring our forecasting experts to you for comprehensive in-person training and consulting. If you opt for onsite training, we recommend a minimum 2-day engagement.

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